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SystemsGo New Mexico Events

SystemsGo New Mexico offers training and other support services to our member districts year round, and we want to help you stay informed. Here, you’ll find important dates, registration information, and other fun science and education updates that we think you’ll find both useful and enjoyable.

2022 SystemsGo Teacher Training

The dates are set for SystemsGo teacher training in New Mexico for the upcoming 2022–2023 school year. Tsiolkovsky level training will be July 18 through July 22 in Artesia, NM. Oberth level training will be July 22 through July 24 in Artesia, as well. If interested in becoming trained, please email Naira Stearnes or call (575) 748-6100.

2021 Oberth Reviews

On Wednesday, December 8, 2021, Hagerman and Kermit, Texas students presented their flight profile to a small but very knowledgeable panel in Artesia, New Mexico. Both teams did a great job presenting and explaining the mathematical calculations. We cannot wait to see their rockets in flight!

hagerman oberth teamoberth panel and students
Teachers Trained at All Levels for SystemsGo Rocket Program

With most high schools welcoming students back into classrooms this fall, SystemsGo has been busy training teachers across all levels of its project-based rocketry STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum.

Rebekah Hyatt, Program Director, led the training sessions held in Fredericksburg, Texas and Artesia, New Mexico. Also teaching were Doug Underwood, NTX Regional Coordinator, and Andrew Matthes, Fredericksburg High School SystemsGo instructor.

More than 20 teachers from schools in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado attended at least one of four levels of training during July.

“It is especially gratifying to see teachers excited for the upcoming year and for returning to in-person instruction,” Hyatt said. “This past year and a half has been difficult on all participating in project-based programs such as SystemsGo.”

Participating teachers and schools were:

  • Intro Level:
    • Canon City, CO - Chad Ford
    • Aztec, NM - Robert Henderson
    • Pleasanton, TX - Tayler Roberson
  • Tsiolkovsky Level (one pound payload launched one mile high):
    • Summer Creek High School- Melissa Young - TX
    • Hollenstein CTC- Dan Strickland - TX
    • Friendswood High School- Derek Carter - TX
    • Atascocita High School- Amy Keesecker - TX
    • Canon City High School - Chad Ford - CO
    • Johnson High School - Bryant Griessel - TX
    • Logan High School - Bobby Kandel - NM
    • North Shore Senior High School - Brian King - TX
    • Georgetown High School- Nicole Bolen - TX
    • Elida High School - D'Layna Moore - NM
    • McGregor High School- Johnathan Whatley - TX
    • Animas High School - Farrel Green - NM
    • Animas High School - Jeff Gephart - NM
  • Oberth Level (achieve transonic speed):
    • Hollenstein CTC - Dan Strickland - TX
    • Fabens High School- Julieta Benuelas - NM
    • Canon City High School - Chad Ford - CO
    • Georgetown High School - Nicole Bolen - TX
    • McGregor - Johnathan Whatley - TX
    • Julieta Benuelas - Fabens High School- TX
    • Chad Ford - Canon City High School -  CO
  • Goddard Level (launch at White Sands Missile Range):
    • BCTAL - Connor Gorman - TX
    • Jal High School- Nathan Richards - NM
    • RL Turner High School - Brian Morrill - TX
    • Union Grove High School - Rhonda Baker - TX
    • Brazoswood High School - Chris Mcleod - TX
    • Booker T. Washington High School - Chieu Tran - TX
    • Lovington High School - Michael Dodson - NM

“We look forward to supporting these newly-trained teachers and their programs as they get back to full engagement in their classrooms,” Hyatt said. “We are also looking forward to spring and are anticipating a successful Rockets 2022 launch season. As we say at SystemsGo, Eyes to the Skies!”

SystemsGo uses project-based instruction to teach STEM and workplace skills. Students progress from drafting, CAD, and engineering design, to building and launching rockets.

The program is now offered at 65 high schools in four states, with rockets launched from four sites in Texas and New Mexico. SystemsGo students now work for NASA, the Department of Defense, SpaceX, and other private sector aerospace and engineering firms.

For information on starting a program or supporting the nonprofit organization visit the SystemsGo website. You can also call them at (830) 997-3567 or send an email.

L-R Jeff Gephart - Animas Schools - Animas, NM Farrel Green - Animas High School - Animas, NM Chad Ford - Canon City High School - Canon City, CO Bobby Kandel - Logan High School - Logan, NM D'Layna Moore - Elida High School - Elida, NML-R, back to front Andrew Matthes-Trainer, Fredericksburg HS Chris McLeod-Brazoswood Connor Gorman-BCTAL Michael Dodson-Lovington NM Chieu Tran-Booker T Washington Nathan Richard-Jal NM Doug Underwood-Trainer, SystemsGo Rebekah Hyatt-Trainer, SystemsGo Leslie Alexander-Marble Falls Brian Morrill-RL Turner Rhonda Baker-Union Grove