It IS rocket science!
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We believe that students learn most effectively when they get to truly experience a lesson using a hands-on approach. That’s why we do what we do! Administrators, teachers, and parents have given us positive feedback that makes us truly proud of the quality of our science kits and the ways in which we support science education in general.

If you have a good experience to share with us about how our science kits have enriched the learning environment in your classroom or inspired your child, we would love to hear from you! Simply fill out this online form, and we will share your kind words with others who visit our site!

What People are Saying

"I was honored to be at the Systems Go event in Jal this year. I am extremely impressed with the program, it was exciting to watch our students as they prepared the rockets. I did not understand that there was so much to be calculated. We did Estes Rockets while I was in school, I enjoyed that process and training, but SystemsGo is so far beyond what rocketry was in my day. As a state representative we are always looking to see where our investment in our children prove a return on our investment. SystemsGo has proven its value to our students and to our state. Great job!"

David Gallegos
State Representative
District 61