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Grade 10–12

SystemsGo Oberth Level Course

STARS-1646 SystemsGo Oberth Level Course
Grades 10–12


This course applies students' Tsiolkovsky level understanding and learning; expands the development of 21st-century skills; and requires the design, development, and testing of a transonic rocket. The year begins with the history of space exploration, with a focus on current initiatives by government and private industries to further that exploration. Academic rigor is increased as students are required to develop a mathematical flight profile in Excel proving the rocket will achieve the performance design goal. Flight profiles undergo critique and additional work as needed. Students use the industry-approved Research Design and Development Loop (RD&D Loop) to design and build a rocket with the goal of breaking the sound barrier and being recovered intact within close proximity to the launch pad. This is a capstone course for seniors. Prerequisite SystemsGo Tsiolkovsky and minimal concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 (A SystemsGo Course).

Scope and Sequence

First Six Weeks
Second Six Weeks
Third Six Weeks
Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Six Weeks