It IS rocket science!
Students doing science experiment

Grade 9–10

SystemsGo Tsiolkovsky Level Course

STARS-1645 CAD SystemsGo Tsiolkovsky Level Course
Grades 9–10


This course is the application/addition of the student's knowledge base, and the further development of life and workforce skills to include cognitive reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving, design and development, testing and analysis, documentation, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. The first semester is designed to ignite the student's desire to learn and enhance 21st-century learning skills through hands-on projects throughout the 45 modules. Lectures, labs, and projects are designed to teach problem-solving skills and foundational knowledge within the four main energy systems: mechanical, fluid, electrical, and thermal. Students are required to design and build three small-scale rockets, each with increasingly more difficult criteria. This is a capstone project for seniors. Algebra 2 prerequisite or concurrent enrollment (A SystemsGo course).

Scope and Sequence

First Six Weeks
Second Six Weeks
Third Six Weeks
Fourth Six Weeks
Fifth Six Weeks
Sixth Six Weeks