It IS rocket science!


View our gallery and see what our rocket science is all about!

  • Man outside at a table with small rocket
  • Three people at table with rocket
  • People outside looking at rocket displays
  • Outdoor rocket displays
  • People looking at the inside of a rocket display
  • People walking outside
  • Woman in red shirt and a man talking at an outdoor table
  • Rocket Launching
  • Fireman jacket laid across rocket at outside table
  • people outside looking at pink rocket
  • Rocket launch
  • Two men setting up rocket for launch
  • Pink and blue rockets on a table
  • People indoors with rocket display
  • Crowd of people in a hallway with rocket displays
  • Rocket Display
  • Staff members and students near rocket display
  • Students at table with rocket
  • Staff member with notebook talking to students
  • Students near rocket display
  • Students in red shirts with Systems Go New Mexico sign
  • Students with blue rocket and Systems Go New Mexico sign
  • Students in black shirts with Systems Go New Mexico sign