It IS rocket science!
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SystemsGo New Mexico Events

SystemsGo New Mexico offers training and other support services to our member districts year round, and we want to help you stay informed. Here, you’ll find important dates, registration information, and other fun science and education updates that we think you’ll find both useful and enjoyable.

SystemsGo Teacher Training

Teachers working on generation 2 rocketsThis year's SystemsGo New Mexico Teacher Training is in full effect. Teachers from Texas and four New Mexico schools including Grady High School, Roswell High School, Fort Sumner High School, and Dexter High School have joined together at ENMU-R for teacher training taught by Rebekah Hyatt from SystemsGo in Fredricksburg, Texas. This week, teachers will get certified to teach the Tsiolkovsky level, which is the level that students build a rocket to carry a one-pound payload exactly one mile high in the sky. There will be another training held in Richardson, Texas from July 23 through July 27. For more information on how to get your school started, please call the Pecos Valley Rec 8 at (575) 748.6100.