It IS rocket science!
Girl doing science experiment

Common Core Science Standards

The New Mexico State Board of Education first started to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2012. New Mexico Schools have now fully implemented the CCSS in to their curriculums. These core standards establish consistent and clear educational goals for the entire state to help our students be better prepared for college and career. 

The CCSS are a set of high quality standards in mathematics and English language arts. The CCSS also include reading and writing standards for social studies, science, and technical subjects. We have designed our science units to meet and exceed these standards. Our goal is to teach students to think critically and mast concepts that they can connect to real life.

SystemsGo New Mexico has been actively engaged with the Center for Hands-On Learning in continuing to provide science units that are aligned to the CCSS. We have added new features to the units that are a result of recommendations made by New Mexico teachers.  

These new features include: 

  • Teacher’s Addendum (TA) New Features

    • The CCSS for ELA and math are highlighted and listed at the beginning of each TA
    • Includes Marzano’s Six Steps to Teaching Academic Vocabulary
    • CCSS math practices
    • Answer sheets for grading student work
    • The NM TEACH rubric is now included at the back of the TA

      • Student Edition New Features

        • Activities and written assignments directly tied to each grade level’s Common Core language arts and math standards
        • Additional focus activities in language arts and math that correlate to the science lesson
        • The use of a variety of strategies in ELA and math activities

      • Online Resources from the Center Website 

        • First five pages of each TE accessible for planning each lesson
        • Video demonstrations of each lesson activity
        • Discussion opportunities
        • App: Blackfish provided as a link for tracking mastery level of each student on all ELA and math CCSS standard
        • App: Blackfish - interactive book report building for classroom presentations and student accessibility from home

        The Center for Hands-On Learning worked diligently in collaboration with SystemsGo New Mexico to ensure our science units are increasingly useful and relevant in New Mexico classrooms.